About Us

PRM Care Ltd, a private limited company registered with Companies House in England and Wales (Registration Number 10134276). Our organisation was established to provide effective evidence-based and person-centred services for;

  • Temporary Supported Housing for single mother and babies
  • Domiciliary Care, (Care at Home)
  • Recruitment Service
  • Young people aged between 16 to 24 who are either coming out of the care system, foster care or broken-down families. This also includes unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (young people).

We provide life opportunities to Young People aged 16 – _24 years of age to enhance their prospects of living independently as fully functional and autonomous young men and women beyond their supported placements.

We are committed to ensuring that those in receipt of our services are empowered through meeting:

  • Stay safe outcomes
  • Health outcomes
  • Enjoy and achieve outcomes
  • Make some positive contribution outcomes
  • Achieve economic well-being outcomes

This will be done within our accommodation-based semi-independent provisions with essential homely and welcoming environment which most of our young people have had lacking in their lives.

We provide a wide range of information and support our young people to be aware of as well understand options at their disposal from which they make choices to influence important decisions about their lives.

Our services are modelled with full respect for every young person’s;

  • Rights
  • Individuality (sexuality, disability, gender, religion, race, colour, culture, etc.) Dignity
  • Privacy
  • Independence and Choices




9 Highfield Road, Norden
Rochdale, OL11 5RZ

0300 302 1107 | 07377 808 884


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